No, we do not.  We can refer you to reputable institutions, but ultimately it is the franchisee’s responsibility to secure their own financing.

While it is beneficial to have past experience, it is not necessary to open a restaurant franchise.  Those who don’t have experience will have the guidance and support of our corporate team.

What we look for in a potential franchisee is past leadership experience.  You will be leading an entire staff and it is important to your success to possess strong leadership skills.

Yes, we do have royalty fees.  Please fill out the “get started” form and our Franchise Development Manager will get back to you to share further details.

When opening a restaurant we have a wide range of sizes in within our brand.  You will need a minimum of 1,300 sq. ft. to have adequate space for your kitchen and some dining space.  If you feel your area has the bandwidth for a larger footprint, some of our current stores use 2,200 sq. ft. space.  Once you have signed a franchise agreement, we will guide you through the options and will help recommend a proper fit for your market place.

We will guide you through how many you will need dependent on the location and size of your restaurant, but on average, a store can operate with 12 employees.

We will guide you through the many steps of your store build-out, along with other processes you will experience.  When you sign a franchise agreement, you become part of The Buffalo Spot family… And we take care of family.

The average investment cost ranges from $240k to $525k. A small sample of things that affect the overall investment include the area selected, the size of the space, the scope of the build-out, and 3rd party contractors used.

If you have any questions, not addressed in the FAQ section, simply fill out the “get started” form and our Franchise Development Manager will get in touch with you and answer any questions you have.

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