Our Restaurant franchise SUPPORT

From Day 1, you become part of The Buffalo Spot Family.

We send an announcement to all our wings restaurant franchise and corporate team letting them know you have joined the family.

Whether you are a seasoned QSR veteran or first-time business owner, we offer the appropriate support as you get started.



As soon as you sign the restaurant franchise agreement, we begin the process of launching your new business.

  • We offer expert guidance on the site selection process to help identify ideal locations within your target market.
  • Throughout construction, we offer written guidelines that spell out each action step needed at each phase to get through your build-out.
  • We offer the same with your marketing and store POP (point of purchase) materials, giving you written guidelines on processes that will need to be taken care of to ensure a positive grand opening/soft opening.
  • As you near your opening date, we will send our training team to work with your FOH (front of house) & BOH (back of house) employees, managers, and you. You will learn daily operations, exceptional guest delight, proper food safety procedures, and so much more.
  • Marketing will guide you through options on how to market to your local community through both traditional and digital methods.

Wings Restaurant franchise STORE OPENING

Once open you will receive support from our corporate team in many aspects of the business.

  • When you first open your doors, our training team will be on site assisting with your operations and ensuring a seamless opening.
  • The marketing team will be available for guidance as needed.
  • Once you’ve become accustomed to owning and operating your restaurant franchise, we will continue to support you in various ways.


    When you are ready to expand and become a multi-unit franchisee, we will educate and guide you through the next phase of growth.