The Buffalo Spot Fried-Chicken Franchise: A Brand for Tomorrow

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Fried Chicken Franchise

With so many brands on the rise, it makes sense to look for a business that connects with your dreams and goals. And a fried-chicken franchise opportunity with The Buffalo Spot can be the right option for many potential owners.

At The Buffalo Spot, we’re proud of the business we’ve built, and we’re preparing for future growth.

Why are we excited for what’s to come? It’s thanks to the factors that keep us moving forward and make us a brand to watch.

We’re in an industry that’s been growing for years. Our menu is a hit with our guests, and keeps them coming back again and again. And every owner of our fried-chicken franchises gets the benefit of our industry-leading support, and the guidance and vision of our parent company, Encinal Brands.

The Buffalo Spot has the tools for expansion, and we’re ready for what’s next.

A Growing Industry

For a fried-chicken franchise like The Buffalo Spot, industry health can be a key to expansion. Industry performance is often a leading indicator of brand prospects — any potential owner should review the business landscape fully before continuing.

In the case of The Buffalo Spot, that means looking closely at the larger fried-chicken franchise industry.

It’s an industry that’s had a long record of growth. And the future is projected to see additional market development as new technologies and service models begin to dominate the field.

That kind of expansion history, and expectations of more to come, could make The Buffalo Spot a smart QSR franchise opportunity for future owners, and allow them to turn their attention to delivering quality experiences to their customers.

The Buffalo Spot is part of an industry that’s been building for years, with expectations for more growth to come.

A Menu Our Guests Love

What do people look for in a fried-chicken franchise? For many people, flavor is the driving motivator for their brand loyalty.

Other customers prioritize quality and guest care, and reward the businesses that work to make sure every meal they make, and every customer they serve, gets the best possible treatment from start to finish.

It’s a customer-focused way of franchising, and it’s helped The Buffalo Spot build the brand.

Every ingredient for each menu item must meet our strict standards for quality, and deliver the kind of flavor our customers expect. From our wings and tenders to hand-crafted shakes and famous Buffalo fries, every item is designed to please from the first bite to the last.

And we pair our menu of favorites with customer care that places our guests in the center of our thoughts at all times. When our customers walk into our fried chicken franchise, they know they’re getting our best. That kind of attention encourages brand loyalty.

Industry-Leading Support

Menu and customer care are must-haves for a fried chicken franchise for sale like The Buffalo Spot, but that’s only part of the formula. Owner support can be equally important to brand growth.

Franchise owners need to know that they are never alone when they run their business. Brand support can provide the kind of backing that can help them grow, and it’s what we work to provide at The Buffalo Spot.

Our owners get robust and ongoing support from the moment they start looking into the franchise, and we make sure they know that we’ve got their back, no matter the issue.

We help our owners select their territory, find the perfect location, and build out their franchise. And that’s just the beginning — The Buffalo Spot makes owner development one of our top priorities, and provides ongoing support and training to help ours stay on top of industry advancements.

It’s just part of the way we keep our owners in mind at all times, and give them what they need to develop their customer base.

Leadership and Vision

Today’s fried-chicken franchises need to be more than a singular idea if they want to grow. The brands with potential are often the ones that work from a larger vision for the franchise’s future, and have the know-how and drive to execute their plans.

Having strong leadership at the top can help drive a brand, and provide direction and shared goals across the franchise.

The Buffalo Spot’s parent company, Encinal Brands, understands the need for forward-looking, experienced leaders to move the business into tomorrow. It informs everything we do, across all brands.

Encinal Brands’ founder and CEO, Ivan Flores, knows franchise development from his years creating and building brands that lead their fields, like Tacomasa, Blue Burro, and The Buffalo Spot. And his vision for a family of franchises that make quality and simplicity their cornerstones has helped us stay on top of the industry.

The Encinal Brands approach, and Ivan Flores’ singular view of the industry’s future, give us energy and keep us looking to what’s to come.

Start Your Fried Chicken Franchise with The Buffalo Spot

A modern franchise needs to be more than a convenient place to buy fast food if they want to grow. Industry, menu and care, owner support, and brand leadership are all essential parts of a brand like The Buffalo Spot.

The Buffalo Spot is positioned in an industry with a record of expansion and expectations of more in the coming years. We’ve got a menu of dishes our customers crave, and guest care to keep them happy and returning. And our owners get support and guidance to help them build their business.

The Buffalo Spot is built for growth, and we’re preparing to expand into new markets.

Interested in finding out more? Connect with us today, and start your own ownership journey with The Buffalo Spot!

Ivan Flores Buffalo Spot CEO and Founder

Ivan Flores

CEO and Founder
Ivan Flores, CEO, and Founder had the culinary vision to combine two key ingredients – chicken and potato. Ivan created the now-famous Buffalo Fries Franchise Restaurant and opened The Buffalo Spot.


Ivan takes pride in serving the best quality food and providing Liguests with impeccable service through a culture of energy, emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm.

The Secret Sauce in the competitive QSR Market

Find out why The Buffalo Spot is one of the fastest growing chicken wing franchises in the QSR industry.

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