4 Food Franchise Tips From the Pros

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The food franchise industry is changing, and fast-food restaurants with staying power often have policies and business practices that help set them apart from many other food franchises.

This franchise business review examines some of the most promising food franchises and how these restaurant industry leaders work to keep their place at the top.

These franchise establishments can teach future food franchise owners looking to start their own business a lot about how to keep growing and build food franchise opportunities that last.

1. Taco Bell

Regarding brand recognition, few fast-food franchises are as prominent as Taco Bell.

This well-known franchise, a subsidiary of food-franchise giant Yum! Brands, Inc., has franchise locations in many countries across the globe and has made a name for itself in the fast-food industry as a destination for meals with a Mexican twist that stands out from the typical full-service restaurant approach.

The business was founded by Glen Bell in California in 1948, and even though its business model can involve high startup costs, including a sizable initial franchise fee and royalty fees, its inventory control approach has helped keep it expanding for decades.

Food Franchise Tip 1: Limited Ingredients in Different Combinations

This well-known brand is known among quick-service restaurant franchises for its specific tactic for keeping ongoing costs under control — its inventory is simple but flexible, and it puts it to use in novel ways to create many different types of meals.

It employs little more than ground beef, chicken, cheese, chopped vegetables, and tortillas to fill out an extensive fast food menu.

That low-cost way of operating can have its drawbacks, of course. The brand has a reputation for poor quality control in some areas, which can be an issue for owners looking to be part of one of the best franchise models.

2. Pizza Hut

Many food franchises have come and gone in the pizza category over the years, but through it all, Pizza Hut has been a fixture in big cities and small towns. This is another restaurant franchise operating under the umbrella of the parent company and fast-food franchise conglomerate Yum! Brands.

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by two brothers in Wichita, Kansas.

Like other Yum! Brands businesses, financial requirements can be considerable, and the startup costs such as the initial franchise fee, royalty fee, and other total initial investment expenses can require prospective franchisees to have a minimum net worth of more than $1 million to get established as owners.

Food Franchise Tip 2: A Focus on Delivery

As a fast-food restaurant that centers its business on pizza, this chain has long been associated with delivery. But for many years, it also made dine-in a significant part of its strategy, and its full-service restaurants with distinctive high-peaked roofs dotted the landscape across the nation.

The brand has recently moved away from its roots and concentrated its marketing materials and franchise businesses almost exclusively on take-out and delivery services to better compete with other chains like Papa John’s Pizza.

This low-cost business model can help franchise owners get a return on their initial investment. Still, an increasing preference by Americans for full-service dining might present a long-term issue for this classic fast-food business.

3. The Buffalo Spot

The Buffalo Spot could be one of the most exciting fast-food franchise opportunities today.

Our brand has grown into a leader in quick-service restaurants in just a few years.

We work from a proven business model that includes ongoing support, extensive training, marketing support, and impressive gross sales to get the franchise owner and their business growing.

That proven system has been our secret since we started as part of the Encinal Brands family of fast-food franchises in 2013, and a look at our franchise disclosure document shows why.

We want our owners to have the best business opportunities possible, and that starts with an initial franchise fee lower than many other chains as well as training expenses and total initial investment within reach of as wide a pool of potential owners as possible.

Food Franchise Tip 3: High Quality and Authenticity

When owners sign a franchise agreement with us, they get more than access to an up-and-coming brand and a low franchise fee.

They join a team dedicated to building franchises designed for the modern customer. Today’s guests look for franchises that don’t skimp on quality and come from a place of authenticity, and that’s how The Buffalo Spot operates every day.

Our locations offer take-out and sit-down options, giving our customers flexibility and choice.

We pair that with a menu that understands their tastes and preferences, including our world-famous Buffalo Fries, thick shakes, and handcrafted wings and tenders served alongside unforgettable dipping sauces.

It’s all made to order and has made us a guest favorite wherever we open our doors.

Find out how you can be our newest owner at The Buffalo Spot and be part of this unparalleled franchise opportunity today!

4. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone has risen quickly to become one of the country’s most recognized ice cream franchises. And the chain doesn’t stop at ice cream — it also offers baked goods and other dessert options.

The brand also hopes to dominate smoothie franchises and coffee franchises, with a presence in convenience stores, online retailers, and other outlets.

Donald and Susan Sutherland founded the business in Tempe, Arizona 1988. Franchise fees for the brand are somewhat higher than at The Buffalo Spot and require owners to have liquid assets averaging about $400,000.

Food Franchise Tip 4: A Menu of Sweet Treats

The Cold Stone franchise system has grown significantly in just a few decades. Still, the focus on desserts can limit that expansion as Americans become more health-conscious and pay greater attention to what they eat.

Fast-food franchises like The Buffalo Spot, which has designed its menu for every taste and every meal, could be better positioned for future growth.

Become an Owner With The Buffalo Spot Today!

Running fast-food franchises in the modern day takes vision and understanding of how to grow a brand.

Learn how you can be part of that growth at The Buffalo Spot and get your start with us as an owner in one of the most promising fast-food franchises around!

Ivan Flores Buffalo Spot CEO and Founder

Ivan Flores

CEO and Founder
Ivan Flores, CEO, and Founder had the culinary vision to combine two key ingredients – chicken and potato. Ivan created the now-famous Buffalo Fries Franchise Restaurant and opened The Buffalo Spot.


Ivan takes pride in serving the best quality food and providing Liguests with impeccable service through a culture of energy, emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm.

The Secret Sauce in the competitive QSR Market

Find out why The Buffalo Spot is one of the fastest growing chicken wing franchises in the QSR industry.

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