Researching How to Start a Chicken Wings Business in 2023? Start Here.

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how to start a chicken wing business

Over the past few decades, the chicken wing has gone from being regarded as a leftover piece to taking center stage as a delicious and popular meal. It’s a revolution in dining, one that could make this a promising moment to learn how to start a chicken wing business.

To make sure it’s the right option, it’s important to take a deliberate approach to the franchising experience.

A careful, step-by-step method can reduce uncertainty for both the brand and prospective owners and helps to narrow the field and give all parties a solid foundation from which to proceed.

So, what’s involved when you set out to learn how to start a chicken wing business?

  1. Learning about the industry at a granular level
  2. Getting as much detail about the franchise as possible
  3. Meeting with brand leadership (franchise option)
  4. Opening the doors and serving guests

Using this process helps everyone feel secure about moving forward. It’s part of the journey for every future owner of a franchise with The Buffalo Spot and provides a time-tested framework for brand and personal development.

1. How’s the Industry?

Before taking a single step into a new franchise and getting into how to start a chicken wings business, potential owners should take a “big-picture” view of the business as a whole.

It’s crucial to know the lay of the land as a first move into franchise ownership, starting with the industry’s health.

Look at the industry’s background and history. Have they had a steady growth in the past? What about future prospects — do they expect to expand in the coming years? The answers to these questions can affect brands and influence owner choice.

For future owners interested in learning how to start a chicken wing franchise, this requires them to get to know the quick-service chicken industry. This is where The Buffalo Spot is positioned, and it’s a position with potential.

Quick-service chicken has seen steady growth for years, and it’s expected to continue that trend for years to come. That could make ownership with The Buffalo Spot a smart option for many potential owners.

2. Find Your Brand

Becoming familiar with the quick-service chicken industry helps future owners get the confidence to continue the process of discovering how to start a chicken wing business.

The next phase of the process involves finding out all about the brands that are most interesting to them.

Take as much time as needed to accomplish this step. It’s a critical one, and it can determine which brand is the one with future potential.

Dig into the brands’ Franchise Disclosure Documents, which lay out the terms of franchise ownership with the brand and can give prospective owners details on fees, projected revenue, and more.

The brand discovery process is where The Buffalo Spot feels most comfortable. We have a complete startup system in place, and flexible franchise options available to meet owner needs, whether they’re looking to open a single location or become a regional player.

Finding out how to start a chicken wing business can be a rocky process if the brand doesn’t start with a solid plan. The Buffalo Spot understands this, and it’s helped us develop an owner-focused way of operating from day one.

Chicken Wing Business Names

Naming your chicken wing restaurant is a pivotal step in establishing your brand’s identity in the market. A unique and memorable name helps in standing out among competitors, and it’s beneficial if the name hints at what you offer without being overly explicit. It’s essential to check the availability of the domain name for online presence and conduct a trademark search to avoid legal issues. Creative elements like puns or cultural references can make the name catchy, and soliciting feedback from various sources can provide valuable insights. Online resources or professional branding agencies can be consulted for additional naming ideas and to ensure alignment with your brand’s values and goals. More

Chicken Wings Business Plan

  • Business Information: Your business plan should start with basic information about your restaurant including the services and products you plan to provide. It’s important to clearly identify who your target customers are​.
  • Financial Projections: Include financial projections in your business plan to estimate the revenue, costs, and profitability of your wings restaurant over time.

3. Connect with Leadership (The Franchise option)

Every brand has its own style and methods, and no two are the same. That’s down to the people leading the brands, and the individual touch and vision they bring to the table.

Any prospective owner interested in learning how to start a chicken wing business needs to sit down with the leadership of the brand that best speaks to them. It’s an essential element of the ownership experience, and it can help give clarity to all parties.

Each owner of a franchise with The Buffalo Spot gets to know the senior members of our franchise team, including Ivan Flores, founder and CEO of our brand and of our parent company Encinal Brands.

Discovery Day is crucial as a means of filtering prospects and making sure that every owner gets connected to the brand that works for them.

It’s how The Buffalo Spot keeps our brand moving forward with a team of people who share in our approach to business and vision for the company’s future.

4. Build Out, and Open Up

When prospective owners get familiar with how to start a chicken wings business, they’re often looking ahead to the end of the process. That’s the point when their dreams and goals start to become physical realities during the build-out and opening.

Opening a new location of The Buffalo Spot isn’t an experience our owners go through alone, though. We’re there with them to help out and do what we can to make their development as new owners simple and straightforward.

Owners get our assistance identifying and leasing the best spot for their new franchise, and we’ll provide our buildout team to make sure the location has that authentic Buffalo Spot atmosphere and look.

We train owners and staff, and we support them in person during their Grand Opening and beyond.

At The Buffalo Spot, we aim to give our owners the kind of assistance that can make a real difference, from day one.

Discover How to Start a Chicken Wing Business with The Buffalo Spot

Getting started as a franchise owner should be a systematic experience that helps people identify the right brand for them.

A thorough examination of the industry, a look at the brands within it, and a deep dive into the franchise that interests you can give you the tools to find the best option for your situation.

The Buffalo Spot has developed a franchise plan that’s designed to aid our owners in establishing themselves and building their businesses.

We’ve got a simple-is-better outlook, refined operations that focus on quality, and guidance and drive from our parent brand’s vision and mission.

The Buffalo Spot is preparing to grow, and we’re looking for potential owners to join us.

Want to find out more? Let’s start a conversation today!

Ivan Flores Buffalo Spot CEO and Founder

Ivan Flores

CEO and Founder
Ivan Flores, CEO, and Founder had the culinary vision to combine two key ingredients – chicken and potato. Ivan created the now-famous Buffalo Fries Franchise Restaurant and opened The Buffalo Spot.


Ivan takes pride in serving the best quality food and providing Liguests with impeccable service through a culture of energy, emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm.

The Secret Sauce in the competitive QSR Market

Find out why The Buffalo Spot is one of the fastest growing chicken wing franchises in the QSR industry.

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